Photographer and Perspective Master Makes Car Advertisements with no Any Cars

November 7, 2016 at 8:01 am by Tony Markovich | Photography by Felix Hernandez



In a lot more ways than one particular, what you see in advertisements—whether that be the usually completely shaped Chik-fil-A sandwich or style models whose photos have developed an epidemic of self-esteem issues—is usually not genuine. It cannot be genuine, since most of the time, real is not convincing sufficient, not attractive sufficient, as well expensive, or also tough. Marketing was produced to manipulate people’s minds and develop want. In the case of photographer Felix Hernandez, the manipulation happens on each sides of the lens. Case in point: The Audi R8 you see above is not a automobile.

Hernandez was hired by Audi to craft a campaign for the $ 160,000-plus supercar, and there should have been something in the brief that went along the lines of “roads not necessary.” In his photographs, the R8 looks like it’s prancing around the Cancun coast and exploring Yukon Cornelius’s territory. Except Audi by no means truly gave him a auto to function with. He didn’t need to have it. All he necessary was a detailed $ 40 model off the world wide web and .  . . some flour?

Hernandez specializes in taking miniatures and using a range of viewpoint plays to develop an illusion of swear-they’re-true pictures. Most of the perform is carried out in his house studio, but occasionally, he’ll go out into the planet and set up on a folding buffet table to discover that excellent backdrop, as he did with the beach scene. According to Hernandez, in a piece he wrote for PetaPixel, he prefers to do most of the work in-camera with genuine products, so he utilizes things like flour for snow or dust, corn syrup for water droplets, or actual smoke for mystery. That is mainly done with a 24-105–millimeter lens, a beauty lens, a lighting tube named a snoot, and a magnificent understanding of scale. Then he applies the finishing touches in Photoshop when totally needed.

In a globe that’s increasingly fake and filtered, this is a good small reminder to appreciate art and creativity, but, at the exact same time, to remain grounded with the understanding that you can’t think almost everything you see. Even if you want to believe your supercar can run away from Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster.

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