Songs of Innocence and of Encounter: Singer Automobile Design’s Porsche 911s at the Detroit Auto Show

January 11, 2017 at four:06 pm by Davey G. Johnson | Photography by Davey G. Johnson

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911

To add a modicum of visual pep at their Detroit auto show display, Michelin brought out a pair of the most current Porsche 911s, reconstructed by Singer Car Style, the California workshop founded by former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson. If pressed, you may discover one particular C/D staffer willing to admit that a Singer-constructed car is the most gratifying automobile he’s ever driven it is the uncommon sort of machine that cashes the checks that its aesthetics implicitly guarantee. The rest of us are just as content to stare and drool at Dickinson’s interpretation of Butzi Porsche’s vision.

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911

Singer emptied its full bag of tricks into the 964-based automobiles, like Ed Pink–built four.-liter flat-sixes and full Öhlins suspension setups. Of the pair, the red car—known as the London Commission—is the racier of the two, with a pair of carbon-fiber buckets wrapped in blue leather. Regrettably, since the automobile was suspended above the floor, we didn’t get a excellent appear at the interior. The RSR-completed wheels wearing Michelin Pilot competition slicks, nonetheless, have been proper around eye level, and we’ve been known to stare at these longer and a lot more longingly than is most likely acceptable.

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911

The blue car’s interior is what we may possibly deem “rad on rad,” had we a propensity to deem stuff “rad on rad.” Woven leather interiors are nothing new to Singer Automobile Design’s cars—the pattern echoes the classic basketweave material used on early 911s. But lately, they’ve opted to amp it up a notch, making use of colored strips to create patterns. The multicolor 8-bit houndstooth effect is startling, sharp-looking, and completely suitable to the car. Dubbed the Monaco Commission, the blue machine wears Pilot Sport PS2 rubber, and only the driver’s seat is a track-oriented carbon-fiber shell. The passenger luxuriates in a four-way-adjustable energy seat.

Give us a choice between the two, and we’d tear out more than a couple of hairs prior to eventually opting for the blue 1, and that is largely on the strength of its magnificent interior. That stated, we’d be leaving the red car behind, and that feels like far more than a minor travesty.


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Infiniti Bringing Autonomous Tech and New Engine in Detroit Show Notion

Infiniti is inching closer to a production version of the next-generation QX50, the existing version of which has soldiered on with reasonably minor changes since 2008 when it was introduced as the EX35. At the 2017 Detroit auto show in January, Infiniti’s QX50 concept will preview what the new mid-size crossover will appear like and what it may be capable of. It will not be our first sneak peek at the new QX50, either—Nissan’s luxury brand showed a comparable concept at the Paris auto show in September, following the QX Sport Inspiration’s initial unveiling in Beijing earlier this year.

Besides highlighting Infiniti’s Effective Elegance design and style language, which includes a cabin-forward silhouette, the notion also previews the brand’s newest autonomous-driving technologies. Unlike self-driving tech touted by some automakers as possibly rendering a steering wheel and pedals obsolete, Infiniti says its new autonomous tech will ensure drivers remain in handle of the autos, as component of what the brand named a concentrate on driver engagement. We’ve heard this ahead of, of course, and it translates to a sort of semi-autonomous capability wherein mundane driving tasks—stop-and-go targeted traffic, highway slogs, and the like—might be handled by the personal computer.

Infiniti is playing coy about the next QX50’s mechanicals, but in an announcement, the organization hinted that the new SUV could be a future property for the nearly production-ready variable-compression-ratio 4-cylinder (VC-T) that made its debut earlier in 2016. Adding to the intrigue, that turbocharged two.-liter engine will be displayed alongside the QX50 in Detroit. We consider the new engine’s estimated 268 horsepower makes it a probably downsized replacement for the current QX50’s 325-hp 3.7-liter V-six. Infiniti claims the turbo four could provide up to “a 27 % improvement in fuel efficiency over V-six gasoline engines of similar energy output.”


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